Free Stitch-Up tutorials videos to help you master those crafts at home

Macrame Hanging Basket tutorial

French Knitting tutorial

Wall Art tutorial

Pom Pom Tutorial

Macrame - Gathering Knot

Macrame - Half Square Knot

Macrame - Square Knot

Summer School Project

Slime Making Tutorial

With Elizabeth

Makers & Shakers Project

3D Happy Meal
Craft Tutorial

with Issy & Aoife

Makers & Shakers Project

Origami Baby Yoda
Craft Tutorial

with Amber

Makers & Shakers Project

Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

with Aurelia & Maya

Makers & Shakers Project

Origami Cats & Dogs

with Chloe & Annie

Makers & Shakers Proejct

Paper Mosaic Tutorial

with Connie

Makers & Shakers Project

Poppits Tutorial

with Bella

Crochet - Chain Stitch Tutorial

Crochet - Treble Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Crochet - Slip Stitch Tutorial

Crochet - Joining a new colour tutorial

Knitting - Casting on Tutorial

Knitting - Knit Stitch Tutorial

Slip Knot Tutorial

Knitting - Casting off Tutorial