Free Stitch-Up tutorials videos to help you master those crafts at home

Fork Pom Pom Flowers Tutorial

Finger Knitting Tutorial

Cross Stitch Flowers Tutorial

Macrame Hanging Basket tutorial

French Knitting tutorial

Wall Art tutorial

Pom Pom Tutorial

Macrame - Gathering Knot

Macrame - Half Square Knot

Macrame - Square Knot

Summer School Project

Slime Making Tutorial

With Elizabeth

Makers & Shakers Project

3D Happy Meal
Craft Tutorial

with Issy & Aoife

Makers & Shakers Project

Origami Baby Yoda
Craft Tutorial

with Amber

Makers & Shakers Project

Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

with Aurelia & Maya

Makers & Shakers Project

Origami Cats & Dogs

with Chloe & Annie

Makers & Shakers Proejct

Paper Mosaic Tutorial

with Connie

Makers & Shakers Project

Poppits Tutorial

with Bella

Crochet - Chain Stitch Tutorial

Crochet - Treble Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Crochet - Slip Stitch Tutorial

Crochet - Joining a new colour tutorial

Knitting - Casting on Tutorial

Knitting - Knit Stitch Tutorial

Slip Knot Tutorial

Knitting - Casting off Tutorial